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Consultancy to work with the Rwanda Education Board in Teacher Development & Career Guidance Policy

Closing Date:
29 Apr 2019
About the role

This consultancy will be undertaken by one single consultant and will be remunerated based on local or regional consultancy rates. The scope of work will include the following:

  1. Read and understand the format for policy development in Rwanda issued by the Prime Minister’s Office;
  2. Analyze different policies in education sector to be enabled to develop the comprehensive Teacher Development Management (TDM)  Policy and Career Guidance and Counselling Policy (CGC) Policy framework;
  3. Working closely with and under the guidance of the head of TDM and CGC Department to review and update TDM policy and develop a CGC policy framework and their strategic and implementation plans. This will include developing and producing drafts in close collaboration with REB TDM & CGC staff keeping in mind the national experience in implementation so far and international best practice relevant to Rwanda’s context.
  4. Working closely with and under the guidance of REB/TDM and CGC Department to establish REB TDM final draft Policy and a CGC policy framework and parameters for the development of a CGC Policy (in terms of objectives, end-users, key issues to consider in the development of the policy, developing an implementation work plan and other key components) and to establish a writing plan to assist REB to develop a final draft of a CGC Policy.
  5. Present the roadmap and methodology that will be used to review, develop and harmonize the TDM policies with existing policies;
 The terms of reference calls for a local or regional consultant to work with the REB /TDM & CGC team working on the reviewing and updating of the Teacher Development and Management Policy (TDM Policy) and related strategic and implementation plan as well as supporting the establishment a framework for developing the Career Guidance and Counselling Policy (CGC Policy) and related strategic plan.
About the organisation
 The Building Learning Foundations programme (BLF) is the main technical assistance component of the British government-funded Learning for All programme working to enable improved learning outcomes in English and Mathematics for P1-P3 students with a cross-cutting focus on children with special educational needs.

To best achieve its objectives, BLF has structured its work in 3 foundations as follows:

Foundation 1

P1 to P3 teachers of English and Mathematics are able to teach foundational skills more effectively and inclusively, thereby improving learner outcomes.

Foundation 2

School leaders prioritise effective and inclusive teaching, thereby improving learner outcomes.

Foundation 3

Systems at school, sector, district and national levels are strengthened, responsive and inclusive, thereby improving learner outcomes.

The BLF is supporting REB’s Teacher Development and Management, and Career Guidance and Counselling department (REB TDM & CGC) on the reviewing, updating and development of two policies relevant to the department’s mandate.